Should Christmas Island Veterans receive a Medal?

96% (50 votes)
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 52


miriam weeks
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Yes, yes, yes. How could the authorities have not awarded medals already. Why not make our own medals to show the authorities up. Awarded by the Great British public to our own faithful servants . I would make a donation towards this. My Uncle Keith Weeks from Andover was at Christmas Island, his health is not great . You guys should be recognised and if the authorities won't do it then we little people can do it ! Anyone else think it would be a good idea? >

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Hello Miriam, That'll be the day! They couldn't until recently even recognise the role and sacrifices made by our young guys in Bomber Command. This group had losses far greater than those in other branches of service.
I believe there is a company which produces ties and medals commemorating Christmas Island's nuclear testing, which ex vets can buy. However, this is a bit hollow when placed against any award by government.
There is a feeling that the sooner all memories relating to these tests can be forgotten by the powers that be, the better they'd like it. In the meantime, all the 'little people' can do is try to perpetuate the memory by sites like this one.
Many thanks for your comments and our very best regards to your uncle Keith.

best regards - brian


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It seems a long while ago now but i served with R/E on the island in 1958, and if my memory serves me right we were offered a medal or extra money and im sure the extra cash was most voted for. As i said memory a bit vague now after 50 plus years, so if i am wrong maybe someone will put me right or answer in agreement

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Just joined the site. I was also at Christmas Island in 1958 and never heard of anyone offering a medal or cash. If the MOD had done this we would have suspected things were not as they seemed.

The MOD are trying to say we did not receive any radiation.