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Other crew members


I was on of the original 73 (Christmas Island)  Sqd wh were sent to malden to prepare the sites for the AWRE personal, from living accommadation to the instrument sites.  We arrived in April 57, and were there for the first 3 Bombs that were dropped, all the following bombs were dropped on Christmas Is. after I left for UK. I still have the copy of the news sheet printed on the 15th May, which stated that it was the only paper to print the news of the first drop on the day it happeded.

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Children of the H bomb.

 Hello everyone


Royal Engineers 38 reg 1957


Im looking for anyone that served on the island with royal engineers 38 reg in 1957 on souh port, my grandad John Clark was involved in various tarmacing and built masts, he has many memoies from the island so id love to find anyone that served with him.

thanks in advance.

Matthew Clark

Transfered from the old site

Name. : Bruce Williams
Dates on Christmas Island. : 1963-1964
Service if applicable. : R.E.

Gordon Walsh, Navigational Bombing Unit Christmas Island

Gordon Walsh, Navigational Bombing Unit Christmas Island