Memories of a Desert Island, Christmas Island.

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The pictures I am placing in the Photo Galleries are of the journey out to Christmas Island. The time spent on Christmas Island and the journey home.

The first picture I like to show is of a map of Christmas Island, my father (he passed away 1994) had of the Island, produced around 1934 or 1935. Over time I will place other pictures in My Gallery but at the moment the other picture I place in the Gallery is a picture of Christmas Island taken from the now retired Space Shuttle. Picture courtesy of NASA.

I have great memories of the time spent on Christmas Island, working with the Gilbertese people, of the Island, I with them as a team. I often think of them, especially Joe (called Joey at the time). Joe and I must be as in those days, around the same age. Looking back, fifty two years, I wonder how these very friendly people live today. Have they left Christmas Island and returned to their Islands.

My mind takes me back quite often to the experience, the posting on the Island gave me. Had a try at climbing a Coconut tree, not as easy as the Gilbertese, seemed to do it. Learning to swim, down at the all forces swimming lagoon. Going from Main Camp to London Port on Monday, evening's, with Derek and John (I do still remember their surnames M and W, at this point I will keep their name's known to me) to be taught Judo by one of the Royal Marine Commando's. I did not continue this sport on return to UK.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012.  I have since, I first wrote the words above about giving the surname of the fellows I have brouht into my story of My Memories of a Desert Island, Christmas Island.  It is now fifty year plus and if Derek and John had any children and look at this site I am sure they would recognise the persons in the pictures as Derek Mossman and John White.  I lost contact with them on my return home.  I used to live in Heathfield, East Sussex.  Though our house was in Old Heathfield.  I with Mum and Dad, because of Dad taking up a new post in Wymondham, Norfolk as you can see it is easy to loose an address or mail not received.

I do trust thad Derek and John are at this time, enjoy retirement.  I say best wishes to all who read this whether a 'Grapple' person or if you come across the site.  


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