Time To Go Home.

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Block E 7 Room 4
MT Section,
Royal Air Force,
Christmas Island.
BFPO 170.


Dear Dad.

Well here first of all I wish you a very happy birthday and all good luck for the future. I am enclosing for you a set of Gilbert and Elis Island Stamps I thought you would like these for your stamp collection, so I am sending these hoping you will like them.

As you have the first birthday there I guessed it would be a good surprise for you. Well sometime starting the end of March to the end of April I shall be coming home to you all once more. As far as I can tell you it will be more towards the end of April, so it's not long to go. You can guess how much I am looking forward to being back with you once more.

I had a letter from Martyn during the week and he tells me we shall be moving back to Norfolk, in August. Well it sounds most exciting. I wish you all the best at the new school, at Wymondham.

Out here I am having the time of my life in many away. As you already know I go swimming. It's not so much the swimming that makes it good but it's great thing as you said, before I left to see these places.

It is very interesting to meet these Gilbertese and see how they live. I have got a few things off of them that I will be able to show you when I come home in April. These people are not as simple as one would think, mind you some of the things they do are primitive. Though for these people who have not had the chance to have the education like us they are clever in their ways. In time to come I shall look back and remember the many a happy time I have spent working, The Gilbertese and I together.

This may seem strange but I would not have minded staying out here for the 12 months but as it is I am returning home though as I have said before it will be nice to be back once again.

Well Dad I will close now hope you are in good health and wish you once more every happiness in the future.

From Your loving Son Christopher.