The Jouney Continues, Hotel Commodore.

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Omaha, Nebraska.

These are the word form the postcard sent from Omaha Airport.

L.T. 11.27. Your Time 5.23 GMT. 29.10.59

Dear Mum, Dad and All.

Since I left New York I have slept the whole journey.

We have stopped here for about an hour and then we go onto San Francisco.

From, Your loving Son and Brother.


Postmark OC 29. 5 AM. AMF OMAHA NEBRASKA PTS 1959. Postage 7 cents.

We have reached San Francisco.  We stay for the day at Hotel Commodore. 825 Sutter at Jones, San Francisco.


Dear Mum, Dad and All.

We had a very comfortable journey from New York to here.

This hotel is very luxurious. I am in Compartment 516. Each room has it's own bathroom and lobby. There are two beds in each room. I am sharing this compartment with my pal. The compartment have fitted carpets a very nice corner standardlamp also has beside lamp.

We arrived here at 6.30 L.T. and 2.15 PM G.M.T. We leave again tonight at 8 PM. L.T. Then when we have boarded the aircraft we make for Honolulu.

I am hoping to get some photos while I am here. I hope all of you are keeping O.K. I am very well and are making the most of our trip.

I have written a letter during our flight from Blackbushe to New York. I hope you all can understand it. Would one of you read it to Grandma for me please, as I told her I would let her know how I got on, on the journey out.

How is Granddads leg? Much better I hope.

Well this is all for now as I want to drop Iris a line and we hope to go on a coach sightseeing trip.

So for now from Your loving Son, Grandson and Brother.


Letter posted in San Francisco. 5.30 PM. October 29, 1959. Postage 15 cent.

Dear Mum, Dad and All.

Have just comeback from most exciting coach tour of here. Have nearly finished this film and will send it home as soon as possible for processing.

Just going to have wash and brush up and the I am going to lunch.

Time 1.45 LT.

Love to you all.

From Chris.

The above written on a Postcard at Hotel Commodore. 29.10.59


Time 7.45. LT. Your Time 5.45 GMT. PM.

Dear Mum, Dad and All.

Well from here it is the last leg of the journey.

So far the journey had been great and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Here is a Hula Girl for Martyn. Hope his fingers are getting better now.

Love to you all.