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Christmas Island's participation in the race for 'War for Peace' campaign Christmas Island as part of Kiribati were a British colony up till Kiribati as a nation gained its independence on the 12th July 1979. Christmas Island's significance existence was further emphasised by its usage in the historical events surrounding the super power's ploys to find solutions to "War for Peace" campaigns of the Cold War.

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During the four years' occupancy, the Henderson & Macfarlane firm, under leadership of the resident manager, Mr Edward Freeman with his wife and about ten labourers from Tongareva, managed to collect about 200 tons of pearl shells, and planted some18,000 to 20,000 coconuts. 1888 - Captain Sir William Wiseman of HMS 'Caroline' took formal possession of Christmas Island for Queen Victoria. 1892 - Messrs. James Morrison & Co. Ltd of London bought mining rights and granted 21 years' occupation rights for the purpose of removing guano, planting coconuts and collecting pearl shells.

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Tourism There is one hotel on the island and weekly air connections with Honolulu have enabled some tourists to visit Christmas Island. The island offers a range of wildlife wonders especially in its lagoons and spectacular coral life. Also, being an island renowned for its dedication as the birds' sanctuary of vast species, this is bound to capture the naturalists' imagination.

Christmas Island โ€“ Kiribati

Introduction Known to its indigenous population as "Abakiroro" meaning - 'the far away land', "Kiritimati" which is its present official name - a straight translation of its English name, 'Christmas Island' as is widely known, is the largest coral atoll island in the world. The island was placed on the world map following its discovery by Captain Cook on Christmas eve of 1777. The information provided in this article is mainly from memorable personal experiences. I am passionate about Christmas Island having being born and grew up on it.