Christmas Island Re-visited

I served in the Royal Air Force police for 22 years and during that time completed many overseas tours of duty. The one that I most remember was the twelve months from November 1959 to November 1960 that I spent on Christmas Island in the South Pacific. In early 2002 I was reading an article in the Sunday Times travel section in which comment was made about Japanese fishermen spending time at a hotel on the Island and indulging their skills with rod and line.

Christmas Island Remembered

On the 16th November 1959 I departed the UK en route for No 11 RAF Police District. Christmas Island. B.F.P.O. 170. I was a 25 year old RAF policeman with the substantive rank of Corporal. My outbound journey was via America, on a civilian aircraft, travelling with six other RAF personnel from a mixed bag of trade groups. We had overnight stops in New York, San Francisco and Honolulu. This was my first visit to the USA and it gave me a very good and long lasting impression of America and its people. Everyone was most friendly.