Me, speeding?

Now a little tale about Myself and a Snow Drop. Just after arriving on the Island, legs still a vivid shade of white and hairless of knee, the Chief Stores P.O, asked me to go up to Main Camp for some spares. He made it quite clear that he didn't want me to get back too early. The idea being, it would be too late to start a new job that day. "Make a good run ashore of it he said". Only too happy to oblige, off I went. After picking the spares up at the Airfield, I called at the J.N.C.O's mess in the Main camp, spending a happy hour chewing the fat with a couple of Army bods.

Hooray, the Marines are here!

Hi Peter, here's a brief resume of my service history. I Joined the Royal Marines in June 1953, passed out as Kings Squad May 1954. Posted to 45 Commando 3 Commando Brigade 2nd July 1954. Served all over the Middle East, Egypt, Cyprus etc etc, too many places to mention at this time. Good times, bad times and some sad times. I met my future wife on foreign service leave, a Lady I have been happily married to for 46 years next Boxing day. We were due to go to Singapore together in August 1958, when out of the blue I was posted to H.M.S. Resolution, Christmas Island.