The Gospel according to the Prophet Kon-Skrip-Shun

And it came to pass that there was a great call throughout the land, and TOMMI, son of Atkins, having reached the age of manhood was commanded by the high priests to depart out of the house of his Father and make the long journey to a place called KAMP. When he arrived at KAMP, the servants of the high priests, hereafter called ENCEOS, did seize hold upon him and lead him unto a great temple called STORZ, and there did give unto him a multitude of things. And verily they did issue him with shirts (angora), socks (worsted), boots (ankle), and sundry other raiments.

On the 8th July

On the 8th July Warrior went back to Hawaii and spent 5 days in the dockyard at Pearl Harbour for repairs to our storm damaged areas. The hospitality of the people of Hawaii, so many invitations to attend functions, some at peoples homes, others at organized centres. The US Army, Navy and Marines really made us welcome with tours of the Island, visits, like the one to a pineapple plantation were I learnt that they do not grow on bushes, but on the ground. After enjoying the night life along Waikiki beach it was the crew that needed repairs.


07.45. Electrical Damage Control parties close up. 08.15 Assume AB.CD. State 3 Alpha 09.10 Test pre-wetting 09.30 The ship is now in AB.CD. State 1 Alpha. One hour to burst 10.20 Hands on the flight deck disperse to stations for witnessing the burst Commence count down procedure. 10.30(approx) H-Hour THERMO NUCLEAR BURST. Down below in the boiler room the Engineering Mechanics (Stokers) were on standby with burning cotton waste with which to relight the boilers should they be blown out..

On to Christmas Island

Once through the Canal, it was on to Christmas Island. A beard growing competition was held to end with the judging for the longest, worst and ugliest beards upon the eve of our arrival in Hawaii. It was good fun, and some asked to be allowed to keep theirs which had to pass muster for condition before being allowed ashore in Hawaii. One of our helicopters netted a giant turtle that was swimming along minding its own. I believe the Officer's Chef made it into soup. We arrived at Christmas Island early March, took up our anchorage, offloaded stores and personnel.

The story begins on January 30th 1957

The story begins on January 30th 1957. I was at RNAS Eglinton (HMS Gannet) in Northern Ireland. A tannoy call required me to report to the Main Office where I was informed I had come up on the roster for a draft, but could not be told where to, also I did not have to take it - but if I did I had to go now. I was told it would be an experience and exciting - little did I know!!! Discussing this at lunch, Mick Kemp said it would be Christmas Island. I thought, well I had joined up to see the world, and so far had only been on shore stations, so why not.