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royal marines

Are there any royal marines. That would like to give me some information, re the l c hms resolution and maybe my dad John booth

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advice on finding out which tests my father was involved in

My father now passed, was a Royal marine, serving on Christmas island. JOHN BOOTH, he spoke with great affection, of his time on the island, but he never looked back, and never wanted to know what had happened to his mates,(which I now can understand). I never spoke in detail with him, over which particular blasts he witnessed, I only thought there was 1, apparently not. If anyone remembers him, and could help provide any details, I'd be very grateful. I don't even have his service number, so am out on a limb. I know he was working on the landing crafts.

Christmas Island


Banners relating to Operation Grapple

john alistar forman

Hello I an new here and would like to say hi to all I am trying to find anyone that remembers my farther john alister Forman (RAF). I don't have very much information he died 10 years after returning from the tests and me being very young. He was serving at RAF catteric at the time. This still being a very raw subject with my mother, I started looking into applying for his service record and wonder if any one can tell me how much information this will supply. many thanks Jimmi. 

Harry Douglas Dean. Christmas Island June 58-59. 36 Reg Engineers

My dad Harry is 82 now just wondered if anyone remembered him he'd love to know.

first timer

JUST this week I lost my hero, my dad, no prizes for guessing what of, of course quickly growing aggressive cancer, he was a oyal marine and operated the landing crafts getting all that junk onto the island, I want to scream and shout, how dare our country treat it's people in such a way,